Engineering, Design & Consulting

Leigh heads up the engineering, design & consulting arm of C+M Build Group. Providing such in-house engineering, design and consulting capabilities as well as experience is a very unique service in the building industry these days, and provides invaluable benefits to our client’s projects including:

  • Cost savings;
  • Advoiding costly time delays during the design phase;
  • Developing designs that are practical, innovative and cost efficient;
  • Eliminating the conflict between builders and project designers;
  • Unique and invaluable Quality Assurance whereby the designer & Engineer, doubles as builder ensuring unparalleled supervision and quality

Leigh is a Registered Engineer with the:

  • Victorian Building Authority (EC 22322);
  • The Board of Professional Engineers QLD (RPEQ 8759);

Leigh is a member of the:

  • Victorian Building Authority (VBA) Technical Advisory Panel;
  • Australian Institute of Building Consultants Technical Advisory Panel

Leigh has over 20 years’ experience in civil, structural and forensic engineering across residential, commercial and industrial projects, from Victoria to far North QLD, working on small domestic projects through to large high rise commercial construction. Such experience combined with an extensive knowledge of Australian Standards, Building Regulations and National Construction Code requirements, allows C+M Build Group to provide innovative, practical and cost effective design and construction solutions. C+M Build Group’s Engineering, Design & Consulting capabilities include:

  • Structural design and documentation for steel, concrete (in-situ, reinforced, precast and post-tensioned), timber and masonry buildings and structures in residential, commercial and industrial construction;
  • Design and documentation of civil infrastructure including water supply, sewer reticulation, storm-water drainage, pipelines, pump stations and hydraulic structures;
  • Forensic Engineering including:
    • Engineering inspections and assessments of buildings and structures;
    • Causation investigation & reports (building damage and/or distress);
    • Expert witness investigations, reports & courtroom representation services (ie. VCAT & building dispute resolution);
    • Structural audits of existing buildings and structures;
    • Remedial and rectification design;
    • Dilapidation surveys;
    • Construction related damage investigation, reporting and rectification design;
    • Design reviews to assess compliance and technical defects and/or breaches;
    • Construction cost estimations;
  • General engineering investigation, reporting, design & solutions;
  • Construction solutions & services, including site supervision and project management;
C+M Build Group